DailyPay Connect

for Large Business

An end-to-end daily payment solution that fits with your existing payroll

From funding and compliance to employee communication, your company is covered. DailyPay Connect is the risk-free, simple, and trusted turnkey solution that plugs into your existing payroll system, allowing your company to benefit from paying employees instantly, any time.

Why you need DailyPay Connect

  • Instantly Improve Retention

    Reduce employee turnover by an average of 41% for DailyPay users

  • Immediately Fill Open Positions

    Increase your applicant pool 1.9x when you offer DailyPay

  • Promote Financial Wellness

    Help your employees pay bills on time and reduce financial stress

The most comprehensive daily payments program in the industry

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  • No requirement to pre-fund payroll

    DailyPay takes the guesswork out of administering a daily pay program by funding and backing all transfers on your behalf, so your company can make a confident and informed decision

  • No payment risk or liability

    Our innovative funding process ensures your organization is free of additional risk and tax withholdings associated with pre-funding payroll

  • Remain compliant in all 50 states

    We do all the heavy lifting to ensure your company is never at risk of violating labor laws or bank covenants

The right mix of easy, reliable, and risk free

Designed to overlay on top of payroll system and time management system, DailyPay gives employees the benefit of controlling when they get paid without changing your daily workflow or the the way you run your payroll

  • Compatible with all payroll and time management systems

  • No impact to your current payroll process

  • Automated integration

  • No reconciliations or day-to-day program management

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A deployment designed for your business

We get you up and running quickly without sacrificing quality. Our deployment team builds your company a custom strategy that will help you realize immediate value while setting you up for long-term success. As the first provider in the industry, you can rest easy knowing we'll deliver as promised now and into the future.

Validate your results and ROI with confidence

DailyPay empowers you to understand hiring, turnover and engagement trends and take action in real-time. With DailyPay, you will improve your business operations through our proprietary data analytics.

  • Powerful data analytics

  • Shared best practice experience

  • ROI you can measure

How your company saves


Annual Savings

  • $
  • $
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Employee satisfaction guaranteed

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  • Available to 100% of your workforce

    The DailyPay app is available in all 50 states, on all devices, and comes with full bilingual support to ensure your company can maximize the benefits of implementing the program

  • No pay card requirement

    DailyPay can pay into any bank account, any payroll card, or any prepaid card. There is no requirement for the employee to sign up for a new or special account

  • Lowest and most transparent fees

    We're proud to offer the lowest and most transparent fees in the industry, boosting adoption and employer benefits